E.G, Ottawa, ON

I just wanted to reiterate how nice my stay was at your wonderfully tranquil guest house. Your hospitality was exceptional and you really helped me and made me feel at home. I don’t think I had ever had a nice, relaxing swim under the moonlight; it shone in so crisply through the pool room windows…….. I think of it and makes me want to go back. Unfortunately I couldn’t make it to the farmer’s market on my last day, so there’s another excuse to visit again. I loved St. Jacobs and its little shops. The restaurants you suggested for dinner were really good. Your place was perfectly arranged, but what made my stay that much better was your wonderful service and details. By the way, I took my breakfast basket name tag as a souvenir, it was really cute. Anyway, I have to find the time to go back, hopefully soon. Thanks again for everything.
E.G., Ottawa, ON

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